What is CAD Drafting and different types of CAD Drawing

What is CAD Drafting and different types of CAD Drawing

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Before the evolution of super fast computers, architects and designers, used drawing boards, pencils and measuring scales to sketch the design of a building, or structure. However, as the technology changed, people began to depend on modern computers to get the draft prepared in no time and much more accurately. Computer Aided Design software’s are employed to create magnificent designs to be used in architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. It also helps the contractors to have a strategic understanding of the designs, which will make the work much easier.

There are so many CAD software’s available today, which can help the draftsman to create, modify and optimize a design. These software’s can considerably improve the quality of the design as there are so many drawing, editing and printing, tools and options, are available handy. In mechanical engineering, it can create a better electronic database for machining or other manufacturing process using CNC machines.

CAD can be effectively used to have a better understanding of the dimensions, and how to use them precisely, to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional models. The 2D and 3D views of the CAD drawings will enable you to see how the structure will appear and function, when the work is finished. The dimensions, processes, and materials information’s can be used by contractors to carry out the construction purpose in an ideal environment, free from hazards. The CAD Drafting enables the designers to create perfect designs at lower product development cost and in a shortened design cycle.

When you create a 2D design using CAD it is known as drafting, whereas if a 3D model is created, then the process is known as rendering or modeling. CAD has made it possible, even for a person with minimum drawing skill to create magnificent models as it uses graphics and sophisticated tools. The only thing you need is to have great creativity and imagination.

Different forms of CAD drawings

2 Dimensional Drawings: The 2 dimensional drawings are flat and have the vertical and horizontal character of the object. It is a concept of drawing real objects on a flat surface showing only height and width. 2D CAD programs usually features a library of geometrical images and can draw lines, curves, rectangles etc. It can be used to draw plans of buildings and equipments, and in two dimensional drawing the walls are represented by two parallel lines.

3 Dimensional Drawings: It is the way of displaying real-world object in a more natural way by adding depth to the drawing. This system uses the X, Y and Z axes, and can give significant advantage while designing new projects. In 3D, we can make three dimensional and virtual objects, and images. We can create a virtual model of the object before the actual construction.

There are so many computer aided design software’s available for you to choose from and the choice should be according to the nature of the work and its complexity. If your projects are simple and straight forward, there is no need to go for costly high end CAD software, as a lot of sophisticated designing software’s are available in the internet for free.

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