Top 5 Growth Industries

Top 5 Growth Industries

If you are thinking about expanding your investment portfolio, you might be interested in which areas are likely to experience the highest growth rates. This year, there are five critical areas to look out for when thinking about expanding your net worth through some shares or mutual funds.

Natural Resources

Driven by higher demand and limited supply, the oil and gas industries are looking to be one of the big growth industries in 2017. The global community is currently steering clear of coal because of its hefty carbon footprint, plus the nuclear sector is under scrutiny thanks to the meltdown in Fukushima. This provides the perfect platform for both oil and gas companies to rise up and take advantage of the gaping holes in public confidence. As demand increases, additional facilities for production will need to be built which will also drive growth in the industry. Handled correctly, there is room for much success in both oil and gas.

Organic Farming

As the public becomes aware of the personal and environmental consequences of herbicides, genetic manipulation and mass farming techniques, the organic farming industry has grown quite significantly. Although still a small market, it has plenty of room for development as 2017 moves forward. These private farms are also a great opportunity for investors as they aren’t in demand as much as the larger corporation-run orchards and ranches are. Organic is a sector in which you can really give back to the planet too, investing your money to allow a small farm to produce some first class, environmentally-friendly crops and then sell them to consumers at some time in the future.

Real Estate

Populations are growing and people need somewhere to live. As the space required isn’t getting larger, numerous apartment buildings and townhouses are now springing up all over the place. This also applies to commercial spaces such as the ones found in Fairfax business center. The smart investor can take advantage of this growth throughout 2017 by keeping an eye out for property developers which currently have multiple projects in the works. Once they sell or rent out those apartments, townhouses or office spaces, their value and hence their shares will skyrocket through the roof. Property is hot right now, so get in there before it is too late.

Online Education

As the tech industry continues to drive forwards, one sector to watch out for is online education. The number of web-based students is rising year by year, and this will definitely not stop anytime soon. There is much more to it than online correspondence courses offered through universities though. Countless web-based schools have popped up too, offering high quality education and materials to their students. Connecting through the internet is the way to go here, and is certainly a big flag for future investors that something good may be on the horizon. Keep an eye out for any new players in the field and hopefully boost your capital as a result.

Internet Shopping

Another field that will experience future growth is the online retail industry. As consumer confidence in web-based stores improves, it is not surprising that many of the top shops have blossomed and thrived over the past few years. Expect this trend to continue into 2017 too, especially since many traditional retailers are now making the move online to try and capture some of web-based shoppers there. Because of this, you can expect some big name brands to boost their profits in the future as they increase sales through a healthy online reputation. Now is the time to invest in these stores before the real growth phases occur later on this year.

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