The Ultimate Guide to ‘Must-Have’ Office Equipment

The Ultimate Guide to ‘Must-Have’ Office Equipment

Making your office space work for you means that you must have the right office equipment at your disposal. This means choosing the essential devices that will increase your levels of productivity, and leaving the other, obsolescent devices behind. Following this rule is the only way that you’ll be able to create an office space containing ‘must-have’ equipment that will allow you to work at your optimal potential.

Read on to find out what exactly are the items that you should have in your office and why they play an important role in meeting your business needs.


Fax and Print


Even though more and more businesses are striving to become paperless, offices still need to have access to a top quality printer. Once you purchase the printer, you’ll need to also look in to getting the necessary accessories. Digital ID has a large range of Printer Ribbons and other equipment solutions that will cater for all of your office printing requirements.

Web-based Fax Service

If faxing is an important aspect of your business communications, a web-based fax service such as eFax or Fax Zero will enable you to send digital documents to hardware fax machines. The cost will be on a per-document basis or a set subscription fee, whichever you prefer.


Voice Communication

VoIP Service

Regardless of the size and industry of a business, every office needs a dedicated voice line. In today’s world of advanced technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming the most preferred choice when it comes to voice communication. You can install and utilise a regular traditional phone that has many in-built VoIP services.


It’s worth investing in a high quality telephone that offers hands-free capability. If your job requires you to partake in long phone calls or extended spells of sales cold calling, having a Bluetooth headset is a definite must.



If video conferencing is something that you do on a regular basis, you’ll need to get yourself a sufficient webcam. It can be used in conjunction with your web-based VoIP service and the Bluetooth headset.



Many small business owners are able to work effectively and efficiently without a desktop computer. Laptops are much more portable and many business owners prefer to invest in the highest quality laptop rather than having a satisfactory desktop and laptop. Your choice will solely depend on the size and nature of your business.


A full-size quality keyboard

Whether you decide to go for a desktop or laptop, make sure to invest in a full-size top quality keyboard. It will make dragging and typing much more bearable as well as preventing the effects of eyestrain. Don’t ever choose a keyboard based on its price tag, as you’ll live to regret this decision later in life.

As well as all of the above, there are many other ‘must-have’ pieces of office equipment, some of which include the following: an ergonomic mouse, hard-drives for backup storage and a photocopier. The main goal of everything you purchase for your office space should be to positively contribute to your levels of productivity and workflow. If you think there’s something that can help you to work better and focus more, it’s most certainly worth the investment.

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