Branding Your Product Successfully

Branding Your Product Successfully

With products and services being cultivated each day in competitive markets, it may seem impossible to break out of the crowd. Instead of hiring billboards and advertising on radio, today’s branding process is much more ingrained into everyday consumer lives. From social media posts to email newsletters, get your name out there with entrepreneurial spirit reminiscent of Sukanto Tanoto and his accomplishments.

Use Social Media as a Base

Almost no business is complete or successful without social media. Join at least one website and build an exclusive following there. Be consistent and engage with others each day through this platform to further your brand’s success. Only branch out to other social media sites when you feel comfortable with the technology. Showing a poor understanding of Twitter, Facebook or other site reflects negatively on the company. Mastering each site makes you look innovative on several levels, including your product or service.

Expand to Mobile Apps

If you have an existing website, make it even more successful by integrating a mobile app. The majority of consumers access the Internet through remote means, including tablets and smartphones. Mobile apps keep your company name handy on their touchscreens, allowing them to access basic site features with ease. Your restaurant, for instance, could list locations, hours and menus through the app. Reading a full website on a handheld device is frustrating for most users so an app gives you a better chance at more sales.

Special Offers Still Entice

Feeling valued is a desired human emotion so use this craving to your advantage. Send out strategic newsletters and coupons personalized to the recipient. Make sure the correspondence favors the consumers’ previous purchases and benefits them with instant savings. Add a “limited time offer” stipulation to the communication, however. You want the customer to feel a sense of urgency as they contact you or a local store.

Avoid Extreme Expansion

You may have a trusted product that’s doing conservatively well and thoughts of expansion are on your mind. However, avoid any hasty expansion plans until the base product makes a bigger impact. Certain companies try to saturate the market with too many products or services, disrupting the brand’s message and quality. Stick to what you know and feel passionate about. Work on moving that product into the marketplace successfully. If it’s a quality item or service, consumers will respond with sales and positive word-of-mouth. Consumer opinion still plays a big role in branding success.

Make it About the Consumer

When you read about a product, it often has bullet points covering all the features. Turn this idea on its head and point the benefits out to the customer. Give them examples of how life is easier and more productive with the product. When customers visualize the product or service working for them, you’ve branded the business in their mind. The item becomes unforgettable in consumers’ minds, encouraging them to purchase soon. If they were weighing the differences between products, for example, you’ll win out with the positive psychological effect using benefits as a selling tool.

Pleasing all customers isn’t possible in reality, but you can control the perception of a company, product or service using smart branding. Staying on top of your advertising and consumer feedback is critical to long-term success. With the right people at the helm, a business could last for decades.

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