A Guide to Optimizing Videos Effectively

A Guide to Optimizing Videos Effectively

A video can make your website more user-friendly since a video can convey information more effectively to the user than texts. Most people prefer to watch a video rather than reading the entire content. Videos have a special power to attract people, but if not properly optimized they won’t even appear in the search result.


What purpose do these videos serve if they fail to get the targeted audience? As a website can be optimized, a video can also be optimized and it is commonly known as Video SEO. You can optimize the video all by yourselves by following some simple guidelines for video optimization.

10 simple tips to help you in optimizing videos are:

1. Quality Content – The video must be relevant, fun, informative and rich in content. It must not be boring and must contain all the essential information’s needed by the users.

2. HTML Tags – The search engine spiders are not intelligent to understand the relevance of videos and pick it. You can make use of the HTML tags around the videos to make the search engines aware of the information in the video.

3. Title and Description – Do not go for any complicated or duplicated title. Give the appropriate title and description so that the user can know whether it is the right video they are searching for. Make it as clear as possible.

4. Backlinks – Similar to a webpage, the video also needs good quality and trustworthy backlinks to increase their rank. It is always advised to make as much links and backlinks as possible.

5. Sitemaps – Search engines spiders need video sitemaps, RSS or Media RSS to correclty locate and index your video.

6. Keyword – Include the keyword “video” to your title, filename or description. As per research, most people use the word “video” while they are searching for videos.

7. Metadata – Encode your title with metadata making it easy for the users to know the content of the video.

8. Keep it short – It must not be too long and must be able to engage the visitors with its easy demonstrations. If you have a lengthy one, break it into small videos and tag them so that it will be appealing to the users.

9. Embed and Share – Share it with almost all social networking sites, as this will bring more visitors to your video. Enable others to access the code so that they can embed your video into another site or blog which will give you good quality backlinks.

10. Directory – It is always better to group things so that you can find it easily. Similarly, keep all your videos in one directory and upload all the future videos to this existing directory as it makes it easy for the crawlers to spot out the videos.

Video is considered as a best tool for marketing, but most of the marketers fail to use them to achieve their goal. Try to include a short optimized video in your marketing site and it’s sure that you will be glad with the result it produces.

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